ICO Review: CarVDB

Name of ICO: CarVDB

Summary of ICO: Car VDB is a decentralised platform the automotive industry which uses a blockchain and smart contracts. Car VBD provides a number of different services including car auctions, a car marketplace, car parts purchasing, ownership lookup and booking maintenance.

Token symbol: CAR

Type of token: ERC-20 compliant token created on the Ethereum blockchain.

Number of tokens offered for sale: 49,978,560 CAR

Price: 1 ETH = 1580 CAR tokens

Bonuses: 5 – 50%

CarVDB Website: https://www.carvdb.com/

CarVDB Whitepaper: https://www.carvdb.com/carvdb-whitepaper.pdf

CarVDB Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CarVehicleDB/

CarVDB Twitter: https://twitter.com/CarVDB

CarVDB Telegram: https://t.me/carvdb

CarVDB Medium: https://medium.com/@CarVDB

Benefits of Car VDB:

One of the most powerful features of CarVDB is the ability to incorporate smart contracts into transactions. These contracts can be programmed to meet the specific requirements of the transaction. The outcome of the smart contract will be fully known by both parties before the contract is entered into. This includes the ability to use smart contracts for buying and selling cars. These contracts can be setup within only a few minutes.

The CarVDB Maintenance Platform will gives car owners access to maintenance information about the vehicle from their mobile phone. Using the platform they can choose where they want to have their vehicle serviced from a list of service centres which are each rated. They will be able to pay for the maintenance service using CAR tokens. The work that is performed will be record on the CarVDB platform providing a complete automobile history.

Use of Funds:

46% – Product Development
20% – Marketing and User Acquisition
16% – Operations
10% – Reserve Capital
8% – Costs of ICO


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