ICO Review: HACK Fund

Name of ICO: HACK Fund

Summary of ICO: HACK Fund is a venture fund which uses digital tokens in order to create liquidity for investors. Unlike with a traditional VC fund investors in HACK fund can buy and sell holdings at any point of time. HACK fund is the creation of the global tech community Hackers / Founders

Token symbol: HACK

Price: 1 HACK = $1 USD

Bonuses:  0 -40%

HACK Fund Website: https://hack.hf.cx

HACK Fund Whitepaper: https://hackfund.docsend.com/view/x6nmm5y

HACK Fund Twiiter: https://twitter.com/thehackfund

HACK Fund Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thehackfund

HACK Fund Medium: https://medium.com/hackfund

HACK Fund Telegram: https://t.me/hackfund


CEO: H / F: Jonathan Nelson

CIO: Laura Nelson

Director H / F Mexico: Mak Guitierrez

Benefits of HACK Fund:

HACK fund plans to invest in startups looking to engage in their own token sale or to work towards a traditional exit like an IPO or acquisition. The fund is aiming to invest in seed rounds of between $100K – $250K and for Series A of between $500K – $2 million. For every $10 million that HACK fund is able to raise it will target approximately 30 investments.

One of the biggest advantages that HACK fund has is its ability to leverage the global Hacker / Founders community. This gives access to roughly 300,000 entrepreneurs.

Hackers / Founders funds have a proven record of success having provided 30%+ annual ROI for previous investors. Hackers / Founders will be providing $1 million in stock from existing Hackers / Founders Funds.

All of the returns from HACK from successful exits by startups will be reinvested in the portfolio. This will in turn help to increase the overall value of the fund. Investors can withdraw at any point by selling their tokens.

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