ICO Review: ArchiCoin

Name of ICO: ArchiCoin

Summary of ICO: ArchiCoin is a decentralised, encrypted storage network. Users can connect devices with unused storage space to the network. In return for providing storage they will be rewarded with ARCHI tokens. Users who want storage space can upload files which are encrypted and distributed throughout the network for storage.

Token symbol: ARCHI

Type of token: ERC-20 compliant token created on the Ethereum blockchain.

Number of tokens offered for sale: 12,500,000,000 ARCHI

Price: 1 ARCHI = $0.002

Hardcap: $20,000,000

Currencies Accepted: BTC, BCH & ETH


CEO: Kairat Egemberdiev
Project Manager: Nathan Adamson
Frontend Developer: Ilia Ni
Software Developer: Andrey Novikov
Backend Developer: Vladimir Bobrov
Security System: Dmitry Peregudov
ICO Expert: Dr Animesh Baruah

Benefits of ArchiCoin:

ArchiCoin aims to provide a secure, decentralised solution at a much lower cost compared to its centralised competitors. ArchiCoin estimates that for storage above 1TB, that it will be about 1 / 10 the cost compared to major centralised storage solutions.

Because ArchiCoin uses a decentralised network that anyone can connect to, the network can scale quickly and inexpensively. This means that it will be flexible in the amount of storage capacity that it can provide.

ArchiCoin will also be a multifunction network. In addition to providing storage, it will also be able to facilitate other functions such as video streaming and online stores.

The network is optimised to enable fast search, editing, storage and deleting queries. Data downloads are designed to occur in parallel on different devices. This should enable the optimal data access speeds.

All of the data stored will be decentralised. This means that there will be no single point of failure that can be easily attacked. Only the person who uploads the data will have access to the private key for that encrypted data.

Archicoin website: https://archicoin.io/

Archicoin white paper: https://archicoin.blob.core.windows.net/document/archicoin-white-paper-en

Archicoin FAQ: https://archicoin.io/faq-en/

Archicoin Telegram: https://t.me/Archicoin_en

Archicoin Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2520331

Archicoin Twitter: https://twitter.com/Archiprogram


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