ICO Review: Send Protocol

Name of ICO: Send Protocol

Summary of ICO: Send is creating a semi-stable digital token. The price of Send is stable for a set period of time. This enables users of applications built on the top of the Send Network to be confident about the real exchange rate at that point in time.

Token symbol: SDT

Price of SDT: SDT will range in price from $0.20 to $20.

Payment Method: ETH

Start date: Q3 2018

End date: Send ICO will last for a period of 365 days.

Send Website: https://www.sendprotocol.com/

Send Whitepaper: https://www.sendprotocol.com/documents/whitepaper.pdf

Send Twitter: https://twitter.com/sendprotocol

Send Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SendProtocol/

Send Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/F3htKg7MOesED8NTNBHn9A


CEO: Camilo Jimenez
CVO: Francisco Cordoba Otalora
CTO: Marcio Abreu
Communications Director: Sarah Kate Hartt
Community Development Co-ordinator: Daniela Escobar
UX Lead: Maria Helena Barros Burchardt
Full Stack Engineer: Jairo Barnel
UI Designer: Felipe Linares

Benefits of Send Protocol

Pricing of SDT token is designed to be driven by consensus rather than speculation. The stability of the network should in turn attract new users. The liquidity formula used is transparent to the public and enables third apps to forecast future price movements.

SDT holds a stable price for set consensus periods. During this window users of the network are protected against price variations.

This creates real advantages for users including merchants and remittance consumers. These users need predictability about the real exchange prices. This type of price stability will be provided by the Send Protocol without needing to fix the token to an arbitrary reference point.

Use of Proceeds

40% R & D and software development
25% Ecosystem development
10% Reserve
10% Operations
10% Partnership and marketing
5% Legal


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