ICO Review: Triggmine


Name of ICO: Triggmine

Summary of ICO: Triggmine is a decentralised platform which delivers marketing automation services for Small and Medium sized businesses.

Token symbol: TRG

Total supply: 620,000,000 TRG

Trigg Website: https://www.triggmine.io/

Trigg Whitepaper: https://docs.triggmine.io/Whitepaper.pdf?_ga=2.100801281.1435434314.1533327694-1574067536.1533327694

Trigg Twitter: https://twitter.com/triggmine

Trigg Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Triggmine/

Trigg Bitcointalk Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3070157


Co Founder / Business Strategist: Igor Solovyov
Co Founder / Sales & Marketing Strategist: Max Solovyov
COO: Den Chikalov
Head of Development: Serhii Myrko
Senior Data Scientist: Roman Krutko

Benefits of Triggmine:

One of the key differentiators between Triggmine and other marketing automation platforms is that users only pay for results and units of effective actions, rather than a one off or recurring subscription.

Data providers will be rewarded every time the data that supply is used by other participants on the platform. They will also be able to use the Triggmine platform to sell their services.

Providers of marketing channels will be rewarded when a successful action is taken in their channel. Triggmine will also provide a market where they are able to offer their services.

Use of Proceeds:

50% Marketing
20% R&D
20% Community & Partnerships
10% Sales


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