ICO Review: Mix.Rent


Name of ICO: Mix.Rent

Summary of ICO: Mix.Rent is a decentralised platform for renting all types of vehicles. It use blockchain and smart contracts to connect owners of vehicles with those who want to rent them. Being offered in the ICO is the MiX utility token. MiX token is used as a form of exchange on the platform and provides the holder with additional benefits.

Token symbol: MiX

Type of token: ERC-20

Number of tokens issued: 100,000,000 MiX

Number of tokens available for sale: 52,000,000 MiX

Price of MiX: 1200 MiX = 1 ETH

Payment Method: ETH. BTC

Softcap: $1 million

Hardcap: $30 million

Bonuses: 10 – 20%

Mix.Rent Website: https://mixrent.io/

Mix.Rent Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mix.rent.team/

Mix.Rent LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mixrent/

Mix.Rent Twitter: https://twitter.com/MixRent

Mix.Rent Medium: https://medium.com/@mixrent


CEO: Tim Kravtsov
Technical Advisor: Young Choe
Crypto Economics Advisor Ismail Malik
CTO: Timur Malysheve
CMO: Alex Loktev
CFO: Paul Averkiev

Benefits of Mix.Rent:

For owners the platform should provide an easy way to generate income from their vehicle. Add their vehicle to the platform requires only uploading a photograph and filling in several fields. Mix.Rent will then market that vehicle on behalf of the owner. The internal rating system will enabler enable vehicle owners to increase their customer base. Owners will also have access to a rating system for renters. This will include that renters driving experience, rental history and reviews from other car owners. This will allow them to evaluate potential renters and make different offers to customers depending on their rating.

Renters can be confident that their deposit will be returned automatically when the terms of their contract have been met. Deposits are dispersed via smart contract. Customers will also perform the transaction using MiX tokens. This means that they will not need to provide their bank details. Cryptocurrency payments mean that the customer won’t need to have access to the local currency that the rental is taking place in.

All of the data about the transaction between the vehicle owner and renter will be stored on the blockchain. this will include feedback on the quality of the service. This will mean that there is a completely transparent, independent and immutable record that customers will have access to.


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