ICO Review: SportsFix


Name of ICO: SportsFix

Summary of ICO: SportsFix is a platform for delivering sports content.

Token symbol: SFT

Type of token: ERC20

Number of tokens issued: 800,000,000

Number of tokens available for sale: 440,000,000

Price of SFT: $0.10 = 1 SFT

Payment Method: ETH

Softcap: $2 million

Hardcap: $37.2 million

SportsFix Website: https://www.sportsfix.io/

SportsFix Telegram: http://t.me/SFICO

SportsFix Twitter: https://twitter.com/SportsFix_io

SportsFix Medium: https://medium.com/@sportsfix

SportsFix Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sportsfix.io

SportsFix Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sportsfixtv

Benefits SportsFix

Content – 60%
Development – 14%
Operations – 10%
Marketing & Sales – 13%
Legal & Accounting – 3%


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