ICO Review: VectorZilla


Name of ICO: VectorZilla

Summary of ICO: VectorZilla is a decentralised platform for stock images. VectoriZilla will start by offering it’s own library of one million stock images. From there it will expand to a marketplace where designers can offer stock images for sale.

Token symbol: VZT

Type of token: ERC20

Number of tokens issued: 100,000,000 VZT

Number of tokens available for sale: 75,000,00 VZT

Price of VZT: 1 ETH = 1000 VZT

Payment Method: ETH

Hardcap: 69,000 ETH

ICO start date: October 1st 2018

ICO end date: November 30th 2018

Minimum transaction amount: 0.10 ETH

VectorZilla Website: https://vectorzilla.io/

VectorZilla Whitepaper: https://media.vectorzilla.io/Whitepaper-VZTpdf.pdf

VectorZilla Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VectorZilla.IO/

VectorZilla Twitter: https://twitter.com/VectorZilla

VectorZilla Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2471495


CEO: Abdul Qaiyoom

CTO: Abdul Qabiz

COO: Max Garza

CFO: Joseph Gallo

Benefits of VZT

One of the goals for VectorZilla is to make it more affordable to purchase stock image graphics. The cost of stock image graphics on many of the existing marketplace is too expensive for small businesses and soloprenuers. Because VectorZilla is a decentralised platform it doesn’t have the same overhead costs as traditional marketplaces. As a consequence it will be able to offer stock image graphics at a more affordable price point.

VectorZilla also wants to make it easier for anyone to edit and publish their stock images. The VectorZilla platform will offer it’s own image editing and publishing tools. This will include the ability to change text, crop, add filters, and other common editing tasks. The tools will also make it easy to publish to other platforms including blogging and e-commerce platforms.

VectorZilla plans to integrate their platform with other popular software. This includes offering apps and plugins for software including Magento, Sketch, Illustrator and Shopify.

Use of Proceeds

55% – Development

18% – Marketing

15% – Operations

10% – Legal

2% – Referrals


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