ICO Review: PeruCoin


Name of ICO: PeruCoin

Summary of ICO: PeruCoin wants to build one of the biggest cryptocurrency mining operations in Peru. In total it plans to purchase a factory and between 1000 – 2000 mining machines. It also wants to educate the public in Peru about cryptocurrency and foster the local crypto community. To do this it will offer guided tours of the mining operation where the visitors can learn more about mining and cryptocurrency in general.

Token symbol: PERU

Total Supply: 1,900,000 PeruCoin

Type of token: ERC20

Payment Method: ETH

PeruCoin Website:  https://perucoin.com.pe/

PeruCoin Whitepaper: https://perucoin.com.pe/whitepaper.pdf

PeruCoin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PeruCoin-589122974782226/

PeruCoin Twitter: https://twitter.com/Peru_Coin

PeruCoin Medium: https://medium.com/@Peru_Coin

Presale start date: 21 May 2018

Presale Price of PERU: $5.6 = 1 PERU

Presale supply of PERU: 500,000

ICO start date: 11 June 2018

ICO Price of PERU: $7 = 1 PERU

ICO supply of PERU: 1,400,000

Soft cap: $5 million

Hard Cap: $13.3 million

Goals For PeruCoin: In the short term PeruCoin aims to purchase a factory which will have the capacity to house up to 2000 cryptocurrency mining machines. It also needs to hire and electric service that will have sufficient power in order to super the mining machines. To support the mining operation an aircondlting system will need to be put in place to maintain a sufficiently cold temperature. Crystal glass screens need to be installed so that machines can be viewed by tour groups in a way which protects the machine. Lastly, a security service will need to be put in place to protect the mining operation.

Use of Proceeds

77%: Project
8%: Team
2%: Marketing
13%: Exchanges


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