ICO Review: eSports.com

Name of ICO: Esports

Summary of ICO: Esports.com is a community platform for fans of eSports.com. Through this platform users will be able to create and share content. Users will also be able to purchase products associated with their favourite eSports teams. Esports has a betting licence enabling users to wager on eSports teams.

Name of Token: ERT

Start Date For ICO: 29th October 2017

End Date For ICO: 30th November 2017

Hard Cap for ICO: 61,200 ETH

ICO Website: https://www.esports.com/

ICO Whitepaperhttps://esports.com/whitepaper-old

Blockchain: Ethereum

Token type: Standard ERC20

Team: Co-founder and chief eSports officer is Benjamin Fockersperger. Benjamin is a life longer gamer. At the age of sixteen he started a LAN party event in Germany which still exists today. Through his involvement in the LAN party event he has appeared in the media on numerous time advocating for eSports to be accepted as a legitimate sport. Benjamin studies at the Games Academy in Berlin. He is the co-founder of the browser games company SlipShift. He then moved onto opening the Jackpot.de online casino in Malta. Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of eSports.com is Philipp Geppert. Philipp served for two and half years of COO as a sports bookmaking operation in Costa Rica and five years as the CEO.

Benefits Of eSports.com: eSports.com has a unique pronged model which will help to differentiate it from its competition. eSports.com will be using the blockchain to help develop a community of eSports.com fans. These fans will be incenticvised with ERT tokens to produce content and to socially interact with that content. ERT tokens can be earned for social activities like viewing and liking content. As eSports.com is located in Malta they have been able to obtain a license to take bets. As eSports.com has identified eSports fans are twice as likely to make an online wager as the average person. By being able to accept bets eSports.com should be able to fully monetise their community. This will provide them with funds that the can use to help grow that community. This ability to create a social community using their own token and then monetise that community by offering bookmaking is something that distinguishes eSports.com from both other bookmaking operations and other eSports communities.

What give ERT tokens value: ERT tokens will be used through-out the eSports.com platform. ERT tokens can be used to purchase everything that is available on eSports.com. This will include the ability to purchase eSports team merchandise. It will include the ability to purchase training, coaching and access to video content. ERT tokens will also be used as a form of incentivisation. Users on eSports.com will be able to reward creators of good content with ERT. Creators of content will be able to elect to reward users who socially interact with that token with ERT tokens. ERT can be earned by users who provide coaching services to other users. If the community is successful then there should be a good market for ERT. ERT can be traded for other cryptocurrencies and fiat either through the eSports.com platform or through other exchanges which offer ERT.

Breakdown of use of ICO Funds:

60% – Development
15% – Operations
15% – Marketing
5% – Legal
5% – Security


ICO Review: HydroMiner

Name of ICO: HydroMiner

Summary of ICO: HydroMiner is a cryptocurrency mining operation which uses hydro power in the Austrian Alps. Token holders of HydroMiner will be able to exchange the for mining time.

Name of Token: H2O

Start Date For ICO: 18th October

ICO Cap: 25,000,000 H2O

ICO Website: https://www.hydrominer.org/

ICO Whitepaper: https://www.hydrominer.org/wp-content/uploads/HydroMiner.pdf

Blockchain: Ethereum

Team: HydroMiner is headed by Nadine Damblon, CEO, and her sister Nicole Damblon, CFO. Nadine holds a degree in media studies and Nicole a Bachelor of Arts. Christian Vogl is the CTO for the project. He has been mining cryptocurrency since 2012 and joined HydroMiner in 2016. Christian has a background in hardware supply, network infrastructure and server migration.

Company History: The company started in 2014 when Nadine and Nicole Damblon began cryptocurrency mining from their apartments in Vienna and Dusseldorf. As their mining operation grew they decided to expand their mining business beyond their apartment. In 2015 they researched the most cost effective per unit source of energy. They identified that the primary component of energy prices in Austria and Germany was a network power transmission fee set by the government. This fee can be avoided by sourcing energy directly from the source. They found that the best way to access energy from the source was small hydro power stations located in the Austrian Alps.

ICO Benefits: H2O token holders will be able to exchange their token for mining time on the HydroMiner platform. Each token can be used for 5kwH of mining power. This will last for a period of twenty four months. Mining will be available for a range of cryptocurrency packages.

Breakdown of use of ICO Funds:

15% –  Hydropower station leasing / electricity

55% – Hardware

15% – Operations

10% – ICO Costs

4% – Marketing

1% – Legal

1% – BNT Reserve Fund

ICO Review: Fidcom

Name of ICO: Fidcom

Summary of ICO: Fidcom is an investment company focused on the cryptocurrency space. It will be using decentralised government algorithms to guide its decisions. Fidcom is targeting a range of different opportunities with the cryptocurrency space. The key projects include an actively managed portfolio of popular cryptocurrencies selected using fundamental analysis, a cryptocurrency exchange bridging the worlds of fiat money and cryptocurrencies and a investment fund for promising cryptocurrency startups.

Name of Token: Fidcom

Token Symbol: FIDC

Start Date for ICO: 19.09.2017

End Date for ICO: 19.11.2017

Target for ICO: Raising $18 million

ICO Cap: 20 million FIDC

ICO Website: https://fidcom.net/

ICO Whitepaper: https://fidcom.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Whitepaper_en.pdf

Blockchain: Ethereum

Team: Fidcom is headed by an enthusiastic young team of developers, sales people and designers. Heading business development for Fidcom is Oleg Sayfullin. Bulat Galimov is taking the lead on technical department and Vadim Arzhannikov is the head of finance for the company.

ICO Benefits: Fidcom have allocated 50% of net profits generated by the activities of the company for buy backs. Buybacks will occur on a quarterly basis following a review period of the company’s activities. Buybacks will be done via the Fidcom website and exchange.