ICO Review: HACK Fund

Name of ICO: HACK Fund

Summary of ICO: HACK Fund is a venture fund which uses digital tokens in order to create liquidity for investors. Unlike with a traditional VC fund investors in HACK fund can buy and sell holdings at any point of time. HACK fund is the creation of the global tech community Hackers / Founders

Token symbol: HACK

Price: 1 HACK = $1 USD

Bonuses:  0 -40%

HACK Fund Website: https://hack.hf.cx

HACK Fund Whitepaper: https://hackfund.docsend.com/view/x6nmm5y

HACK Fund Twiiter: https://twitter.com/thehackfund

HACK Fund Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thehackfund

HACK Fund Medium: https://medium.com/hackfund

HACK Fund Telegram: https://t.me/hackfund


CEO: H / F: Jonathan Nelson

CIO: Laura Nelson

Director H / F Mexico: Mak Guitierrez

Benefits of HACK Fund:

HACK fund plans to invest in startups looking to engage in their own token sale or to work towards a traditional exit like an IPO or acquisition. The fund is aiming to invest in seed rounds of between $100K – $250K and for Series A of between $500K – $2 million. For every $10 million that HACK fund is able to raise it will target approximately 30 investments.

One of the biggest advantages that HACK fund has is its ability to leverage the global Hacker / Founders community. This gives access to roughly 300,000 entrepreneurs.

Hackers / Founders funds have a proven record of success having provided 30%+ annual ROI for previous investors. Hackers / Founders will be providing $1 million in stock from existing Hackers / Founders Funds.

All of the returns from HACK from successful exits by startups will be reinvested in the portfolio. This will in turn help to increase the overall value of the fund. Investors can withdraw at any point by selling their tokens.

ICO Review: CarVDB

Name of ICO: CarVDB

Summary of ICO: Car VDB is a decentralised platform the automotive industry which uses a blockchain and smart contracts. Car VBD provides a number of different services including car auctions, a car marketplace, car parts purchasing, ownership lookup and booking maintenance.

Token symbol: CAR

Type of token: ERC-20 compliant token created on the Ethereum blockchain.

Number of tokens offered for sale: 49,978,560 CAR

Price: 1 ETH = 1580 CAR tokens

Bonuses: 5 – 50%

CarVDB Website: https://www.carvdb.com/

CarVDB Whitepaper: https://www.carvdb.com/carvdb-whitepaper.pdf

CarVDB Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CarVehicleDB/

CarVDB Twitter: https://twitter.com/CarVDB

CarVDB Telegram: https://t.me/carvdb

CarVDB Medium: https://medium.com/@CarVDB

Benefits of Car VDB:

One of the most powerful features of CarVDB is the ability to incorporate smart contracts into transactions. These contracts can be programmed to meet the specific requirements of the transaction. The outcome of the smart contract will be fully known by both parties before the contract is entered into. This includes the ability to use smart contracts for buying and selling cars. These contracts can be setup within only a few minutes.

The CarVDB Maintenance Platform will gives car owners access to maintenance information about the vehicle from their mobile phone. Using the platform they can choose where they want to have their vehicle serviced from a list of service centres which are each rated. They will be able to pay for the maintenance service using CAR tokens. The work that is performed will be record on the CarVDB platform providing a complete automobile history.

Use of Funds:

46% – Product Development
20% – Marketing and User Acquisition
16% – Operations
10% – Reserve Capital
8% – Costs of ICO


ICO Review: SmartContainers

Name of ICO: SmartContainers

Summary of ICO: The basic premise of smart containers is that they are using blockchain technology to positively disrupt the logistics industry. Smart Containers makes use of a combination of IoT sensor and container technology to create a logistics system which is built on top of the blockchain.

Token symbol: SMARC

Price of SMARC: $0.432 = 1 SMARC

Total supply of SMARC tokens: 150,000,000

Number of SMARC tokens being sold: 120,000,000

Price per token: 1 SMARC = 0.432

Hardcap: $36 million.

Team: Smart Containers is a Swiss based container logistics group which specialises in servicing the pharma and food industries.

Strategic advisor: Oliver Bussmann
Strategic advisors: Marc Bettinger
Strategic blockchain advisor: Dr Fabian Schar
Legal advisor: Gabriela Hauser-Spuehler

Smart Containers Website: https://smartcontainers.ch/en/

Smart Containers Whitepaper: https://smartcontainers.ch/en/assets/executivesummary_smartcontainers_230418.pdf

Smart Containers Telegram: https://smartcontainers.ch/en/assets/executivesummary_smartcontainers_230418.pdf

Smart Containers Twitter: https://twitter.com/SMARC_ICO

Smart Containers Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3058528.0

Smart Containers Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Smart-Containers-157874458234951/

Benefits of SMARC Tokens: Holders of SMARC tokens will be entitled to a proportional share of the dividends earned by Smart Containers. 20% of the dividends that Smart Containers earned will be distributed to holders of the token in the middle of March each year.

There is good evidence to suggest that Smart Containers may be able to deliver those divided. Smart Containers is an existing container providers which is all ready renting and selling high tech containers to the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Using the fund from the ICO they want to scale the SkyCell business to become the largest pharmaceutical container in the world. This includes provides pharmaceutical distribution directly to the consumer.

Smart Containers has a vision of the LOGI CHAIN being an open logistics ecosystem which provides a fully autonomous container delivery system which can invoice itself using cryptocurrency.


ICO Review: XYO Network

Name of ICO: XYO Network

Summary of ICO: XYO Networks is creating a completely decentralised network of location beacons. This will allow users of the XYO network to create smart contracts which include geo location for specific objects. For example, a smart contract can be written which releases payment only when an object reaches a particular location.

Token Name: XYO

Type of token: ERC-20 compliant token created on the Ethereum blockchain.

Start date of ICO: March 20th 2018

Price of XYO token: XYO token was set at an initial price of 100,000 XYO tokens for every 1 ETH. Every time XYO token is purchased during the ICO the price increase. The prices increases until the exchange rate is 33,333.33 XYO to 1 ETH. At this point the price stabilises until the end of the ICO.

XYO Network Website: https://xyo.network/

XYO Network Twitter: https://twitter.com/XYOracleNetwork

XYO Network Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xyonetwork

XYO Network Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xyoraclenetwork/

XYO Whitepaper: https://xyo.network/whitepaper/


Founder & Architect: Arie Trouw
Co-founder & Head of Marketing: Scott Scheper
Co-founder & Head of Operations: Markus Levin
Head of Hardware: William Long
Head of Analytics: Christine Sako
Head of Media: Johnny Kolasinski
Senior Design Engineer: Lee Kohse
Customer Experience Manager: Jordan Trouw

Uses for XYO Network:

There are diverse range of different use cases for the XYO network but some of the most important ones include:

Airline luggage logistics – Every year lost luggage costs airlines billions of dollars. Airlines could use XYO Network to instantly located luggage. This could be used across different airlines without harming security due to the decentralised and trustless nature of XYO Networks.

eCommerce – Close to a third of eCommerce customers have had a package stolen from their doorstep. Online merchants could offer a service which guarantees secure delivery. Payment would only occur if the package is safely inside the buyers residence.

Rental Cars – Lost keys cost rental cars millions of dollars and cause significant logistical problems. XYO Networks would make it easy to identify the location of keys at any given point in time.

ICO Review: Seal

Name of ICO: Seal

Summary of ICO: Seal authenticates products using NFC chip and blockchain technology. Products are embedded with a NFC chip which is linked to a decentralised database. Customers can use the seal mobile app to scan the product and determine whether the product is authentic or not. They can also use the Seal app and blockchain network to claim ownership of the product.

Token symbol: Seal

Total number of seal tokens: 1,200,000,000 seal tokens

Number of seal tokens for sale: 492,000,000 seal tokens

Price: 7000 seal tokens = 1 ETH

Soft cap: 36,000,000 Seal tokens

Hard cap: 492,00,0,000 Seal tokens

Seal website: https://seal.network/

Seal white paper: https://seal.network/seal-whitepaper.pdf

Seal Telegram: https://t.me/sealnetwork

Seal Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2929809.0

Seal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SEALnetworks

Seal Twitter: https://twitter.com/seal_network

Seal Medium: https://medium.com/sealnetwork


CEO: Bart Verschoor
COO: Joris Verschoor
VP Relations: Ilya Role
VP of Seal USA: Micheal de Blok
Business Development Manager: Yuri Scholte
Blockchain Engineer: Alexandra Moraga Pizarro
Blockchain Engineer: Adil Haritah
Marketing Strategist: Kian Ghiri

Benefits of Seal:

Determining whether a product is genuine or not can be extremely difficult. Counterfeit products can be either nearly or fully identical to the genuine product. Consumers consequently have no easy way of knowing whether they are purchasing the real product. Seal addresses this problem by making it very simple to authenticate if a product is real or not. With a single tap or scan from any smart device any product can be instantly identified.

From the manufacturers perspective the process is also very straightforward. The NFC chip can be added discretely and securely to any manufactured product during the manufacturing process. This helps brands to easily verify products which are being sold are being manufactured by them.

Brands will also be able to earn revenue from the secondary trade in a product. this is because ownership of a product is stored on the blockchain and buyers need to pay seal tokens to claim ownership.

ICO Review: Kakushin

Name of ICO: Kakushin

Summary of ICO: Kakushin is an innovation ecosystem enabled by blockchain technology. The Kakushin ecosystem combines an IP marketplace, digital currency exchange and incubator. Using Kakushin innovators are able to gain access to funding for their ideas in order to help to turn them into real world projects.

Token symbol: KKN

Total supply: 2,400,000,000 KKN

Pre-sale: Yes

Exchange rate during pre-sale: $0.03 = 1 KKN

Start date of pre-sale: 1 May 2018

End date of pre-sale: 31 May 2018

Minimum purchase: 0.01 ETH

Start date of ICO: 1 June 2018

End date of ICO: 30 June 2018

Exchange rate during main ICO: $0.03 = 1 KKN

Hard cap: $30,000,000

Soft cap: $4,000,000

Accepted payment methods:


Kakushin Website: https://kakushin.io/

Kakushin Whitepaper: https://kakushin.io/assets/images/users/V_1_7_Kakushin_Ecosystem_Whitepaper.pdf

Kakushin Telegram: https://twitter.com/kakushinEco

Kakushin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KakushinEcosystem

Kakushin Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2620476.msg26664213

Kakushin Twitter: https://twitter.com/kakushinEco


CEOL Chandan Indoria
IP Advisor: Laurent Selles
CTO: Sachin Bhargava
CMO: Amit Dubey
CBO: Marco de Corso
Advisor: Andreas Fink
Advisor: Vladimir Ninov

Benefits of Kakushin:

Kakushin is aiming to create a complete innovation ecosystem which provides benefits for everyone who is involved with it. In order to do this they are creating an end to end ecosystem made up of three different parts. The first part is the Kakushin marketplace which enables the buying and selling of the KKN token. This marketplace should enable liquidity in the KKN token. The second part of the ecosystem is the Kakushin is the incubator. This is incubator will enable innovators to launch their own ICOs. It will also provide a platform for backers to support promising ICOs and to track their performance. There will also be a marketplace where users can buy, sell and lease intellectual property and products.

The Kakushin ecosystem should provide direct benefits for everyone who participates in it. Innovators, researchers, and inventors can use Kakushin in order to raise funding for their projects, so that they can turn them into real world products. Kakushin also provides access to experts that innovators can use for advice. These experts can in turn share their expertise in return for equity in innovation projects. Kakushin will provide a platform where users can discover and back innovative projects.

Distribution of Funds:

35%: Research and Development
25%: Infrastructure
20%: Sales & Marketing
13%: Operations
5%: Contingency
2%: Legal


ICO Review: StopTheFakes

Name of ICO:  StopTheFakes

Summary of ICO: StopTheFakes is a service to detect counterfeit products and infringements of intellectual property.

Token Symbol: STF

Total Supply of Tokens: 20,271,00

Exchange rate: 1 STF = 0.1 ETH

ICO Start Date: March 21st 2018

ICO End Date: April 21st 2018

StopTheFakes Website: https://stopthefakes.io/

StopTheFakes Whitepaper: https://stopthefakes.io/docs/WP_En.pdf

StopTheFakes Twitter: https://twitter.com/StopTheFakes_io

StopTheFakes Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/www.stopthefakes.io/

StopTheFakes Team: The founder and CEO of StopTheFakes is Mikhail Krzhanovsky. He is the creator of the project idea. Mikhail has four years of IP legal experience and has worked in information security, as well as managing a franchise project for three years. The cofounder and Chief Operating Officer of the project is Igor Salikov. Igor co-authored the idea for StopTheFakes. He has twelve years of experience working in the video production and photography.

Benefits of STF Token: STF token will be used as a form of currency on the StopTheFakes platform. All of the services that are offered through the StopTheFakes platform will be paid using STF Tokens. This includes analysis of Big Data generated on the platform and commissions owed on alerts for for IP infringements. Users who are making requests will be able to purchase STFtokens on both the platform and on third party cryptocurrency exchanges. The more requests that are processed the higher the commission fees. This will decrease the circulation of STF tokens.

ICO Review: ZenithCard

ICO Review: ZenithCard

Name of ICO: ZenithCard

Summary of ICO: ZenithCard is a debit card which allow you to store, spend and withdraw cryptocurrencies. This includes the native ZENT token, BTC, ETH and up to 50 other digital tokens. ZenithCard plans to achieve this by being part of the MasterCard payment processing network. This will enable card holders to make use of the payment terminals on this network.

Token symbol: ZENT

Total number of ZENT tokens: 1,000,000,000

Total number of ZENT tokens for sale: 600,000,000

Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 ZENT

Funding raising target for ICO: $28 million.

Minimum purchase price: 0.2 ETH

ZenithCard Website: https://zenithcard.io/

ZenithCard Whitepaper: https://zenithcard.io/zenithwp.pdf

ZenithCard Telegram: https://t.me/ZenithCard

ZenithCard Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZenithCard_io

ZenithCard Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZenithCard-Token-162250047811216/

ZenithCard Medium: https://medium.com/@ZenithCardToken


The ZenithCard team has made a number of projections for ZENT token based on different scenarios. ZenithCard believes that they will be able achieve substaintial adoption in the Ethereum community. They also plan to launch in China where they believe they will be able to achieve market penetration.

In what they have termed a “good” scenario they believe they can attract 20,000 users in the first six months. By year two they would aim to have 500,000 users. Based on a average annual spend by users in year two of $3500, they would earn $13,125,000 in licensing fees.

If ZenithCard is able to achieve what they have termed a “great” scenario they believe they will have attracted 750,000 users spending on average $4000 annually by year two. Based on this scenario they project licensing fees of $27,000,000.

Benefits of ZenithCard:

ZenithCard helps to solve one of the biggest problems for owners of crypto-assets which is how to spend them in a way which isn’t too complicated.

ZenithCard holders will be able to make payments and withdrawals using a debit card which is as simple to use as an fiat debit card.

How ZenithCard Works:

Imagine that someone holds ETH and wants to conduct transactions using this token.

The customer visits a clothes shop, buying a sweater for $40. When the customer is ready to make a purchase they swap their ZenithCard at the payment terminal.

The ZenithCard servers will then withdraw the equivalent of $40 in ETH plus a licensing fee from their Zenith Contract Wallet. ZenithCard then exchange the amount paid in ETH into USD. The USD are moved into the ZenithCard debit card account in order to act as a float for future transactions.

The ETH that was charged as a transaction fee are moved to the ZENT asset contract.

Use of Funds Raised

40% – Marketing and partnerships
30% – Development of core technology
25% – Operational costs
5% – Legal costs

Planned Exchanges For Listing:



ICO Review: Spindle

Name of ICO: Spindle

Summary of ICO: Spindle is an asset management platform for digital currencies. In the future Spindle also plans to facilitate direct investing into startups as well. Spindle uses blockchain and smart contracts to create greater transparency over the investing process and more control for the investors.

Token symbol: SPD

Type of token: ERC-20 compliant token created on the Ethereum blockchain.

Number of tokens being created: 10,000,000,000 SPD

Number of tokens offered for sale: 4,000,000,000 SPD

Soft cap: 60,000 ETH

Start date for ICO: 9th May 2018

End date for ICO: 15th May 2019

Spindle website: https://spindle.zone

Spindle white paper: https://spindle.zone/spindlewp_2.0_en.pdf?2

Spindle Twitter: https://twitter.com/spindlezone

Spindle Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spindlespd/


President & CEO: Masamitsu Hire
CEO: Tsunehisa Kasai
Director: Shuichi Uda
Director: Takashi Kota

Benefits of Spindle:

Spindle will provide an immutable record on the blockchain of the goals for digital currency asset managements and their historical investment performance. This will provide a record which can be falsified and that investors can make their investment decisions based on.

Spindle is also launching a decentralised exchange which will facilitate digital currency investment. This exchange will create trustless investing where users will follow investing “operators” rather than trusting their funds under management. This means that the investment operator will never have control of the investors funds but their decision making will still guide where those funds are invested. In return for providing this service investors will pay a transaction fee in the SPD token.

The Spindle platform will also remove the need for any third party intermediaries in the investment process. This include financial institutions, banks and securities firms. This will reduce transaction costs and fees and give investors greater control over the entire process.


ICO Review: Vivid

Name of ICO: Vivid

Summary of ICO: Vivid is cross device platform for tracking cryptocurrency portfolios. Vivid will work on mobile, desktop and in the future Magic Leap. Vivid provides an AR workspace where 3D virtual graphs and charts can be projected into real world environments. Vivid also provides the ability to create photos with integrated virtual elements which can then be shared through social media. Vivid is also a publishing platform where users can publish content on trading. The Vivid community then votes on the content.

Token Name: VIVID

Type of token: ERC-20 compliant token created on the Ethereum blockchain.

Total Supply of Tokens for Sale: 96,300,000 VIVID

Soft Cap: 9950 ETH

Price of VIVID token: 10000 VIVID = 1 ETH

Vivid Website: https://vividtoken.com/

Vivid Twitter: https://twitter.com/vividtoken

Vivid Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vividtoken

Vivid Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3029249


CEO & Founder: Ian Nott
COO & Co-Founder: Harrison D Lee
Chief Product Officer: Sascha Neumann
Director of System Architecture: BJ Wahl
IP and International Advisor: Haoshu Peng
Chinese Market and Sales Advisor: Amanda Ying Guo
Digital Creative Advisor: Justin Mathews

Benefits of Vivid token:

Vivid token is designed as place where users can not only track their cryptocurrency portfolios but also improve their trading through expert advice. Users of Vivid platform are incentivised with the VIVID token to contribute expert advice on trading and analysis through the publishing tools. Vivid will mint new VIVID tokens which will then be allocated to users who publish content. Other users will then be able to vote on the content which is the most useful. In return for participating in the Vivid community these users can also earn VIVID tokens. As a consequence there will be user generated content which is vetted by the community for quality. The ability to learn from expert opinions and to earn VIVID tokens by publishing content should help to attract and retain users.

Vivid has also made significant use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology on their platform. Users will have access to AR workspaces where they can interact with digital elements relating to their trading. This will include the ability to project technical analysis and trading charts into real world environments. The same AR technology can be used to add virtual images and animations to photos and videos. These animated videos and photos can then be shared through social media.

Vivid is designed to work across platforms. The vision is to make a platform that has exactly the same user experience whether it is being accessed on mobile or desktop devices. VIVID is powered by Stellar enabling extremely low transaction costs at very fast speeds.

Vivid has already identified a roadmap for the exchanges that it will list on following the ICO. Vivid plans to create a page on Etherdelta and to add some liquidity. It then plans to aim for listing on Liqui and Cryptopia. Following this it aims to be listed on larger exchanges including HitBTC, Bittrex and Binance.

Use of Funds Raised:

55% – Product Development
30% – Marketing Sales & PR
5% – Security & Compliance
5% – Legal
5% – General & Administrative